What is the benefit of using Coupa?
Coupa allows for real-time visibility of invoices and payment status. Electronic invoicing gives you more control over your invoices and makes the payment process much smoother. Once your invoice is in Coupa, you can use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to see its status, including if it is pending approval.

How much does Coupa cost?
Use of the Coupa Supplier Portal is free of charge.

Do all non-food vendors need to join Coupa?
Yes, Darden will require that all non-food/liquor vendors submit invoices through Coupa. Please refer to the rollout schedule as to effective dates. 

When will the Coupa rollout take place for RSC and restaurants?
Rollout of the Coupa system will be in phases. If you are an RSC Vendor/Supplier, rollout will begin August 2019. 

If you are a Restaurant Vendor/Supplier, the first phase (fewer than 20 restaurants in the Orlando area) will roll out in late October. The remaining restaurants will roll out gradually between January and May 2020.

Will purchase orders (POs) be required for all transactions?­
Purchase orders are required for all transactions initiated at the Darden Corporate office (Restaurant Support Center). Our restaurant managers will not create purchase orders but we still require their suppliers to invoice Darden through Coupa. 

How do I sign up for Darden’s Coupa instance?
We will email an invitation to whoever you designate as your Coupa contact. Please reach out to your primary business contact at Darden with the contact information. Darden’s AP team will then verify that this information is in our vendor master file. If not, we will send you an invitation to the Darden Vendor Management Portal. Once your contact information is in the Vendor Management Portal, you’ll receive an invitation to Darden’s Coupa instance.

If my company already uses Coupa, can we use the same account/email for Darden’s instance?
Yes, you can use the same account. You simply need to ensure your Coupa contact is correct in the Darden Vendor Management Portal and we can email you a registration link. If you do not have access to this yet, please provide the email for the person responsible for your vendor information (including tax ID) to your Darden business contact. We will send an invitation to the Vendor Management Portal so you can update your Coupa contact information. 

Why didn't I receive the email invitation to join Coupa?
We may have the incorrect contact information for your organization. You can update this information in the Darden Vendor Management Portal. If you do not have access to this yet, please provide the email for the person responsible for your vendor information (including tax ID) to your Darden business contact. We will send an invitation to the Vendor Management Portal so you can update your Coupa contact information. 

What if the Coupa invitation was sent to the wrong email address? 
We may have the incorrect Coupa contact information for your organization. Please update this in the Darden Vendor Management Portal. If you do not have access to this yet, please provide the email for the person responsible for your vendor information (including tax ID) to your Darden business contact.  We will send an invitation to the Vendor Management Portal so you can update your Coupa contact information. 

How is Coupa different than the Darden Vendor Management Portal? 
Coupa is a purchasing tool through which Darden users create purchase requests and suppliers submit invoices for approval. The Darden Vendor Management Portal (Apex) is a tool to manage Darden supplier information, including remit to address, contact information, payment terms and early payment discounts.

If I have an account in the Darden Vendor Management Portal, do I need a Coupa account too?
Yes, these are two different systems. Coupa is for purchase requests and invoicing while the Darden Vendor Management Portal is for company information and payment details.

Why do Darden users refer to Coupa as iBuy?
iBuy is our internal name for Coupa. Both names refer to the same tool.

How will electronic invoicing work if we supply for Darden Corporate and a restaurant brand?
Coupa will be used for Darden RSC/Corporate transactions and all restaurant locations. Please continue to bill the RSC/Corporate departments separate from the restaurant(s). When submitting an invoice, there is an option to submit the invoice to a restaurant vs a corporate department. Note that restaurants are not on Coupa yet; we will roll Coupa out slowly to the restaurants between October 2019 and May 2020. Once you see the restaurant available to bill in the Coupa Supplier Portal, you can begin electronic invoicing. Until the restaurant is available, please continue to submit invoices as you do today for that location. 

Is it required to attach an invoice copy in Coupa?
Attachments are an optional field. However, it is helpful to include attachments for future reference and documentation.

Will I need a separate PO for each transaction?
No, Darden users can approve and submit POs for multiple transactions at once. For example, if you typically provide monthly services, Darden users can submit a Purchase Order for multiple months and you can invoice against that same PO multiple times until the PO amount is depleted. Keep in mind, however that the purchase order is not a contract and should be used solely as a method to facilitate approvals and invoicing.

We provide services to multiple brands. Will we receive POs for each brand, and will we receive POs each month?­
It is possible to receive one Purchase Order for all brands and for multiple months. Please reach out to your Darden primary business contact to establish an efficient purchasing/invoicing process.

Do I have to enter the invoice details or can I just attach a copy in the PO system?
Yes, you must enter invoice details in order to submit the invoice.

How do we organize details in the Purchase Orders (POs)?
Please work with your primary contact at Darden to discuss which details you would like to have in your Purchase Order and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

If we have contracted rates with Darden, how will they go through the system?
If you have contracted rates with Darden, please reach out to your contact to discuss Invoice with Contract options. This will make invoicing easier for both parties involved and gives more detail at an invoicing level. You may also want to discuss a Catalog option if you are dealing with purchasable goods.

Will my Point of Contact for invoicing at Darden change?
No, your point of contact at Darden will not change. We will have support teams to help with the transition to Coupa, but you will still be working with your same contact at Darden on a day-to-day basis.

Will my payment terms change as a result of Coupa?
Your payment terms should be identified in your contract and may not be correctly reflected on any purchase orders you receive. If you do not have a contract with Darden, you will be paid under Darden’s Corporate Payment Terms — with invoices paid on the 7th of the second month following the invoice date (approximately 60 days). For example, an invoice dated between Jan. 1- Jan. 31 will be paid on March 7. 

How will electronic billing impact my company if we have a high number of invoices monthly?
If your company processes a high number of invoices with Darden on a weekly/monthly basis, you have other options than manually entering the invoices into CSP. Please talk with your Darden contact about the possibility of cXML enablement.

What if my company does not interact with 3rd party invoicing systems or if we charge a fee to do so?
We would greatly appreciate your collaboration with Darden to begin transacting via the Coupa Supplier Portal as the process provides benefits for both parties. If you have concerns about your ability to participate, please contact your primary contact at Darden to discuss your options.

How do I register if the admin/owner of the CSP account left the company?
A good first step is to contact your IT department as they can sometimes grant someone temporary access to email to log in as the Admin that left your company, and add yourself as a user with full access to all roles and permissions. If you still need help, please change your Coupa Contact in the Darden Vendor Management Portal and notify your Darden business contact of the issue. We will then send you an invite using your email. All the historical transaction data will remain accessible. Some basic company information and payment locations/details may need to be updated in the new account, but most of the important information and transaction details are carried over automatically to the new account.

Can only one company contact use Coupa? 
No, the person invited to register with Coupa can set up multiple contacts with access, as needed. It is always good to have at least two people with access to ensure no disruption if the primary Coupa contact is out of office.

Do we have to upload a waiver? 
Documentation requirements are not changing with Coupa. If you have always been required to provide a waiver, you would continue to do so by attaching it on the invoice page in Coupa. 

Can invoices be uploaded through a spreadsheet?
There is not a way to upload invoices through a spreadsheet via the Coupa Supplier Portal. However, you can establish a cXML connection with Darden by talking to your primary business contact.

How do I get onboarded for cXML?
If you are interested in setting up cXML, please contact your primary Darden business contact to establish efficient ways for purchasing.

How do we find out who our Darden business contact is?­
Your Darden business contact is the person you typically engage in business with. If you are not sure, reach out to coupahelp@darden.com and we can point you to a business contact that can assist.

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